Logic fails me

My 3.3 year old mac is at the apple store getting its logic board replaced. FireWire and Ethernet have been flakey for several months, but when bluetooth fully died, then kernel panics and finally a crash from which there was no reboot, it was time to realize that something was wrong. As much as I’d like to pick up an intel mac, I’m not ready to drop the coinage. Luckily, I’m told they’ve fixed the problem and I can have it back tomorrow. Great service, Apple.

One thought on “Logic fails me”

  1. Hmm … must be something in the air. Al’s 15″ G4 lost its logic board this week.

    Unfortunately, it took the video card out so it’s completely unusable. Fortunately, FireWire is still active and I can boot it into target disk mode and get to the data without pulling the hard drive.

    Ah well. Al had been meaning to upgrade anyway. But still – ouch!

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