Rock & Roll Saxophone

80’s Power SaxAfter some serious consideration, I’ve decided to come out against the Rock & Roll Saxophone. I can only think of one example of an irreplaceable use of the sax in Rock & Roll. Pink Flyod’s Us and Them would probably be 10% less perfect without it.

I tried, but I just can’t think of any other examples. I can think of plenty of examples where the sax is just noisy filler. The instrument had some prominence in the 80’s power-rock scene, but I think we now see what a tragic mistake this was. I think its time to just recognize that the saxophone should be relegated to Jazz and Marching Bands. It certainly doesn’t rock.

Can you prove me wrong?

5 thoughts on “Rock & Roll Saxophone”

  1. Is that John Taylor or Rick Springfield, ’cause I doubt either can actually play. We, from the 80s, have a little thing we like to call “posing.”

    But Rio’s pretty good. Is it Rock n Roll? Not sure.

  2. Chris – I fail to hear the saxophone to which you refer.

    Al – those aren’t specific enough. And knowing what I know about the first two, it’ll only strengthen my position.


  3. Rock & Roll saxophone has been dead for a long time. Amy Winehouse having brought back a full horn section to her latest production is refreshing, though, you have to admit. Well, you don’t, but I like it anyhow… What REALLY should have been outlawed a long time ago is over-dramatic playing of the saxophone. Wincing and swinging the horn about when playing dramatically. As a player, I find that kind of stagework absolutely embarassing to witness.

  4. Ed, I guess I was referring to the saxophone as a solo/lead instrument in Rock. I agree that the horn section in Winehouse’s stuff is nice – but that’s pop/jazz/lounge music, not rock. I hate to admit it, but I do like the singles I’ve heard from Winehouse because her voice combines the things I love about several jazz vocalists of genres past.

    I thought of another possible example of the proper application of the rock & roll sax: Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein.

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