Sieg Helium?

This morning’s ride on the shuttle was really quite boring. Everyone one else was either trying to sleep, or doing some last minute cramming. I was looking out the window as usual, when I spotted a balloon while crossing the Fremont Bridge over the Union Pacific yard. Weird, I know. But what was weirder? The red balloon was suspending a Nazi flag. I tried to get a picture with my camera, though it doesn’t do it any justice.

Sieg Helium

Apparently, there was another of these in Tigard on Monday, and apparently someone involved in the creation of these balloons has even posted a few videos on You Tube.

Huh. What’s the word I’m trying to think of? Something like the opposite of effective and the opposite of convincing.

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  1. Obviously the Nazis don’t care about environmental conservation. Don’t they know thats littering?

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