Of leaves and stalling

Plum Leaf on Andrienko

Ella and I found this leaf (among the bajillions blowing around) and I enjoyed the red scalloping on the yellow so much I brought it home and took a picture or two. It’s resting on a copy of Testing the Usability of Interactive Maps in CommonGIS which I’m reading as part of my literature review. It is a useful article, but as you can see, I got distracted.

One thought on “Of leaves and stalling”

  1. I remember the days when I use to love the leaves during autumn, instead of despising each morning having hundreds of leaves covering my car, sticking to it from the moisture and embedding into the vests and windshield wipers. Not to mention creating slick roads and creating street lakes by blocking all the storm-drain covers.
    Man I’ve gotten jaded!

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