Second Law of Urbanomics

We had to replace the sewer line as part of selling the house. We tried to just credit the buyer, but their lender wouldn’t give up the money until the repair was done. Crud. Luckily, we found a place that was able to fit us in before the closing and that stood up to the rigors of Angie’s List, though for a bit more.

They were able to get in and replace the line quickly, and with surprising stealth. It was a bit shocking to come home one day with two huge holes in the yard and a trackhoe sitting in front of the house. The next night, the sewer line was in, the holes were filled, and the sidewalks paved, but the public sidewalk looked like hell. There was no roped-off area, just a still moist, well trampled and ridden on sidewalk with strangers names written in it. Second law of urbanomics – leave wet cement, welcome civic art.

Second Law Of Urbanomics

It turns out they were using a new mixer and it wasn’t going well. So they came back today and re-poured. Looks good, and without any marks, I had to leave something. I crouched and left my name in the very corner, where grass would soon cover again. I’ve got a fixation with sidewalks, and it was my cement, so I scratched away. Can’t fight the laws of urbanomics.