Stringing it together

This morning during the car trip over to my parents, I convinced Ella to string together two “dah” sounds to end up with a marginally accurate “duh-duh.” Close enough to Dada that I’ll take it.

This evening after getting home a little late from work, I joined Michelle and Ella on a blanket in the yard and led her to again spit out a dah-dah. They’re just sounds to her still, and “dah” turns in to “bah” or “blah” quickly, but it’s rather satisfying to hear.

Maybe the mother-child bond is really about “mah” being easier to pronounce than “dah.” Well, maybe it’s the whole food thing.

2 thoughts on “Stringing it together”

  1. Nate has just started stringing together “dah-dah” and Troy couldn’t be happier. It’s the best! The other day, Nate crawled over to me and clear as day said “Ma Ma” – I was floating on cloud nine the rest of the evening.

  2. oh yeah my son can say optometrist. Beat that.
    It is so exciting when they begin to talk

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