Oregon cross sections

I’m working on a map of elevation cross-sections of the state of oregon for my Digital Atlas class. There’s a great utility Profile Toolthat will create a series of shapefiles from a DEM and geology coverage for use in fancy geologic lithography maps. I just wanted to create an elevation profile, so I used the tool without using the geologic identifications and now I just need to figure out how best to explain the concept. This is for a children’s atlas after all. I’m trying out ArcScene to see if there’s a nice way to show the profile lines.

Oregon elevation - click for a larger view

2 thoughts on “Oregon cross sections”

  1. Oh, so this is looking Eastish (east by northeast)from about a 45 degree angle, several hundred miles away. Also, Oregon is in limbo, so you don’t see Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming or California (went to heaven) or Nevada (what did you expect?).

    It’s probably bad to put up unfinished rough images up.

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