First map with MapServer

I’m taking a Web GIS course this term which will focus on using open source GIS tools such as MapServer, QuantumGIS and other goodies. Today was our first lab, which was mostly clerical stuff: accounts, file management, etc. The final product was a simple map made from a Quantum GIS export. Nothing fancy by any means. It’s basically a Hello World using the real world. I’m getting excited about the prospects though.

edit: the map is of landslides in the Portland area in 1996 during the big floods. I don’t know how to label yet – we were just setting up the server, etc. Soon…

2 thoughts on “First map with MapServer”

  1. That’s for me to know and you to find out.

    They’re landslides during the 1996 floods. Recognize forest park? The gorge? :)

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