On Printing

Tuesday’s lecture in my map design class covered printing/press issues. While much of the lecture was for historical reference only, I was surprised how much I already knew because of my college summer job working for Shields Printing. The printing process, quality control, on-job injuries, smack-talk about which WCW wrester was best and 115F temperatures all turned up in this last lecture. Plus, some of the darkroom techniques I learned in high school came in handy when looking at how final prints are set up. A classmate used the word syncronicity to describe the weird combinations of things she was noticing that afternoon and I thought it was very syncronicitous that she through out that word.

One thought on “On Printing”

  1. Oh man, that was a fun summer working for Shields Bag & Printing… Do you remember how great the 12 shifts in sauna conditions, and the possibility of getting pulled into giant sealer machines was? I do too. Well, having worked there makes me really appreciate how nice my desk job is now; like the fact I can’t die at work.

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