4 thoughts on “history of violence”

  1. 2 reasons:
    a) the old soviet union produced damn-near billions of the things … and practially gave em’ away to any “allies” they had.
    b) there designed for the conscript soldier .. idiot proof to operate and maintain thus the “sophisticated” misnomer ;)

  2. Yup. Justin nailed it.

    The AK-47 can be stamped out of sheet metal for pennies. They’re exceedingly simple to build and maintain.

    I know, I know, it was a rhetorical question, but I couldn’t resist. :-)

  3. Exceedingly difficult to hit the side of the barn with one, though, on anything after the first round. And even the first is no easy matter.

  4. Oh yeah, and congratulations on the site being up! Seems like it’s been really patchy lately. I’ve been batting about .215 over the last month or so as far as getting on.

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