one earbud

I’m finding that many songs I like for the use of stereo imaging are really bad when you can only listen through one ear bud. Stupid stereo thief. Wait, scratch that… car vandal. It’s especially predominant in music from the 1970s. I guess people liked their stereophonics a lot better then.

3 thoughts on “one earbud”

  1. Don’t know about your father , but mine had a sweet set of stereo headphones back in the day … which he still owns. It cost me 2 weeks allowance and good behavior to have the privilege for an hour of use when i was a kid! ;) I didn’t until recently appreciate how cool they were when i revisited certain Pink Floyd, Zepplin, and other albums with my own headphones. 1 earbud by comparison just doesn’t cut it!

  2. Why only one earbud? I understand the stereo theft, hence I take it you’re using your iPod for tunes in the car? Why not use both earbuds? I used to do it all the time in my truck. Totally illegal, but nearly impossible to see. And, I think, not really any more of a safety concern than a loud car stereo anyway.

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