When ideology clouds science

Scientific American has a letter from the editors about the Bush White House and its man-handling of scientific data in its decision making. Many have already pointed out the lack of, well, credibility of recent EPA, White House, Defense, Agricultural, (on and on) decisions and announcements of late, but they lacked a poignant parallel story. The editors point out Lysenkoism, a distorted theory forwarded by the Soviet Union, and how the adoption of the theory for ideological reasons essentially retarded scientific advancement in agriculture for decades.

This ideologically biased selection is what drives things like the Clear Skies initiative, which lowers environmental protections despite thorough studies that show its effects upon human and environmental health.

I would prefer that the administration would simply say – “look, we don’t give a shit about your children, the apocalypse is coming, so it won’t matter. Just let us make our money at the temporary expense of you and your family.”

Ironically, it’ll be quite difficult for them to enter heaven if I remember my camel through the eye of a needle parable correctly. But then again, I suppose you can buy your own heaven. One without all those asthma patients.

2 thoughts on “When ideology clouds science”

  1. The self fulfilling prophecy, in the hands of a Bush! Jesus said “though shall make thy money’s by sticking with the plan, man”

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