Riblet Taco

One of the many surprising combinations that comes out of limited food options is today’s lunch – a garden-burger bbq riblet with mozzarella cheese served on a soft taco shell. It was pretty good. I’m sure the dietary value was minimal though.

What other past concoctions have there been? spaghetti-pita sandwich, peanut butter-salami-green onion on a soft taco shell, madras lentils on a soft taco shell, cream cheese and grape jelly on a soft taco shell, hot-dog in a taco shell with red chili sauce. Yes – it seems that the source of gustatory innovation is round bread.

5 thoughts on “Riblet Taco”

  1. I had two spicy ball park sausages with siracha and mustard on a flour tortilla for breakfast. My stomach started grumbling before I even took my first bite. Talk about an accurate preminition. ugh…

  2. No, but its finals, and she’s not interested in cooking or shopping, and neither am I.

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