Halloween 2003

Its Halloween time again, which means another trip back to Bellingham to grasp for that fleeting feeling of being in college again. Its also a chance to enjoy some of my favorite local offerings: Archer Ale house, Mt. Biking on Galbraith, Misc food (somewhat difficult to pick a place), and drinking beer and misbehaving.

This year I’m going to go as “Eased travel restrictions to Cuba”, which is a current event. I’m afraid it will be entirely lost, but I’ve got a thing for dressing up as Castro. I dressed up as him back in high school, and was pleased at the quality of my costume. This time I have my own beard, but worry that people may not realize who I am. What does my costume choice say about me? I’m not sure, but it probably says something about the absurdity of the embargo and the infantile viewpoint of the powers that be.