Updates from Yakistan

Just pulled in from Yakima. My parents came out of the mountains for a couple days to winterize the house and take care of some other items. My mom is now running the bookstore, driving a school bus between the boat and camp, and will soon be part of the painting crew.

My dad’s duties as the medic have nearly stopped now that the busy part of the season is over, so he’s been reassigned as a mason, carpenter, and bluegrass musician, and whatever else turns up. They’re both really enjoying themselves, and seem quite happy. Senator Paul Simon came and visited, as well as a number of traveling musicians, theologians, and lots of seemingly normal people.

Oakley is getting very old very quickly, and she’s lost weight, coordination, and her back legs have lost muscle mass. She’s still just a loving, but her days are numbered. Hopefully Hilary doesn’t have to make any difficult decisions anytime soon. She’s doing well also. And her photography looks great.