Go cubs

I was somewhat surprised to see the cubs make it this far, and I’m very pleased. I used to pay attention to such things, and the Cubs were my favorite team. I’d put a picture up of me wearing my cubs hat (1990-1995), or even cubs starter jacket, but I don’t have any on hand. Plus, I had these really weird side burns.

Remember the Simpson’s episode where Mr. Burns tells Don Mattingly to cut his sideburns? It was a lot like that.

I’d really like to see the Cubs and Red Sox play. The Yankees are evil, and I don’t trust these “new” teams. Besides, who could complain about going back and forth between Wrigley and Fenway? Sweet.

6 thoughts on “Go cubs”

  1. Amen to that…I’m getting really sick of the Yankees. I’d love to see the Red Sox and Cubs play. But of course I’d love to see the Red Sox take it all. Red Sox vs. Yankees…Starts Wednesday.

  2. thanks to you and michelle for being such good sports re: interrogation over the alleged “poetry contest” that jessica continues to insist she won in mrs. brown’s class that no one remembers. also–as a former resident of queens i would also like to say that the yankees are evil, and i hope the cubs win.

  3. Yay Cubs!! I personally would like to see the Cubs beat the Yankees in the World Series, but I think that might just be to get back at a friend (who is a Yankees fan for some odd reason).

    But Wrigley and Fenway would be excellent!

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