6:15: Awaken to a bright room, clock says 9:15 which startles me. Crap, I’m late for something. No, clock says 6:15. Room too bright, forgot to twist blinds shut.
7:15: Can’t force myself back to sleep. Start mulling days activities over in head.
8:15: Mom calls; Old neigbhbor bought house, is moving out of rental in SW Portland. Wants to know if we’re interested before telling landlord.
9:15: After following 5 dead ends, finally find house. Its very cute, and closer to work. Feel odd driving by knowing they’re inside.
10:15: Arrive at kennel that Barley’s staying at for trip to Nebraska. Nice drive, and cool owners. Boarding is a necessary evil.
11:15: Snood….

5:15: Stop by rental house to have a look. Cooler than we expected. Hope owner will take pets. Will have to wait to hear.
5:30: Dinner at Scott & Sarah’s. Sarah gets free pizza from Papa John’s. I overcook free steaks because they were still frozen inside. Steamplant warning.