New Addiction

A co-worker sent me an e-mail that only contained one string of text:

Last year we had a mini-Collapse addiction which ultimately ended up in scores so high that the amount of time required to reach was more than we had available. Moira took the crown with a score of 3,385,076. I still have the post-it note on my screen reminding me to beat the score. I’ve long since given up.

This year the drug is Snood, and we’ve started a friendly tournement among co-workers. You can check the stats yourself. We’ll see how long it lasts, but my eyes are already burning.

2 thoughts on “New Addiction”

  1. And you forgot to mention that we only play at home or during state-sanctioned 15 minute breaks. Don’t forget that!

  2. I see, so you wait till I go away to a conference to start the Snood tournament. Just wait till I get back . . .

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