Joseph Coors, of the Coors brewing family died yesterday. With his death came the news (news to me, anyway) that Joseph was staunch Republican who help fund a conservative think tank responsible with coming up with Regan era policies as Star Wars and Trickle-down-economics. So you see, these policies were funded by shitty beer.

Its makes think tank sound so much funnier, and trickle down economics was probably devised when some yodel started pouring beer on his friends. “see, it trickles down.”

E-mail Record

11,005 e-mails!
Today was a record setting day for my inbox, 11,005 messages. The story behind it is quite entertaining.

An instructor sent a message to his class e-mail list. One student, who works at a local frozen food manufacturer, had set up an out-of-office reponse, so her e-mail program responded accordingly. The list server took broadcasted that message to everyone on the list, including the student, so when the message that said she was out of the office came back, her e-mail program responded that she was out of the office, again. This is what is called an infinite loop. It will keep repeating until interruped.

The side affects included most students on the list got their e-mail accounts pushed over quota, so the mail servers all sent me a notification of the failure, which I got at 10AM this morning. The whole thing is quite hilarious, and the moral is: Don’t use Out of Office type auto-responders.

Barley’s New Morning Routine

Barley's morning look
Barley’s had a new morning routine since his surgery. He gets up 1-2 hours before we would like to and sits and looks at me. If I don’t wake up, he shifts his weight so his collar jingles. If that doesn’t work, he walks to my side of the bed and returns to his glare. Some mornings I tell him to go back to sleep, others I just get up, carry him downstairs, and let him evacuate. He usually really needs it. Its kind of creepy though. His eyes suggest he’s capable of anything, and they’re convincing. How would you react?

Seti Revisits Signals

You may remember a flurry of discussion about SETI, the distributed seach for extra-terrestrial life that started back in 1998. I myself donated about 2 years worth of CPU time. Well, now scientists with the SETI project are going back to Aricibo to look at coordinates in the sky that produced unique signals. I don’t know if I ever provided any useful information, but there’s always a hope. The full story is at Wired.


I finally got around to installing Kung-Tunes. You’ll see what it does by looking to the left. There, just below the links.. that’s it. It displays the track name and artist of the song currently playing in iTunes. You can have it display any number of IDv3 tag items, but I like to keep it simple. Want it on your site? Better get a mac.

Rooftop Brew Website

I’ve updated the Rooftop Brew website. I never intended for the last style to be the default page, it just stayed that way longer than I expected.

Anyway, the new page is done, including all those sub-pages that most people never get to. I think.


Walz & Goode ventured down from Bellingham to visit for the weekend. Scott and I took them to the Black Cat because of its shuffleboard tables. The place was pretty crowded, so we had to wait for a while until a table opened. We finally got throwing and noticed the peculiar antics at the next table over. It turns out they were playing for $50/game, and things weren’t looking good for one individual who was losing his second game. Fortunately, alcohol helps people be reasonable, so he was on his best behavior. He sat out the next game and heckled the guy he’d lost to. Fortunately it was last call and there could be no more money lost. What a great game when you don’t play for money. We play for beer. PDX won, twice.