Human Text Parser

I spent the last two days parsing about 1000 pages of text for incorrect answers to quizzes. It sucked really badly, and I was perplexed as to why the instructor didn’t check to make sure the changes he made worked before making them to all the quizzes in all his classes. Something I was always told in school, “check your work.”

Barley’s Knee Surgery

Barley’s second round of surgery (torn ACL this time) went very well, and he’s recovering happily. Of course, he’s probably still got hope that he’ll be running by Wednesday.

I’ve put pictures up in the gallery. They show his last weekend playing at Hagg Lake, His x-ray’s (and his strong hips!), and his first weekend of recovery.

ABV calculator

Now I’ve created an ABV/ABW calculator in PHP. It was more complex, as I wanted to include different methods and measurements. It seems to work just dandy. Let me know if something odd pops up.