iPhoto 2, Avoiding past mistakes

I use iPhoto 1.1, which is a great start at a great piece of software. Many of its problems were overcome by crafty programmers. BetterHTMLExport 1.6 made most of this webiste. I had some problems with iPhoto, namely due to a file permission problem when made a backup with cp -r that when restored didn’t like iPhoto. Months later after losing many entries to the library, I fixed all the file permissions with Disk Tool. Whew. Anyway, when backing up a folder in Unix, use this command instead of cp:
find . -depth -print | cpio -pdlmv ../newdir

I point this out because iPhoto 2 was released yesterday, and I’m backing everything up before I install it. Unfortunately, BetterHTMLexport 2.0, which was also released yesterday, is now shareware instead of freeware. He should have notified me of his intentions before I was poor. Maybe I won’t update just yet. Unless iPhoto 2 has some performance improvements, I won’t be able to use it much anyway.