IDv3 tags, Moods, Colors

My friend and I were discussing mp3 & ID3 tags last night when he told me how dissapointed he was in Winamp 3, and how ID3 tags don’t currently have a “mood” category. Its a great idea, but highly personal. It occurred to me later that each song could have a color, which does a decent job of reflecting mood, but once again is highly personal. Also, its not that accesible to blind/colorblind people. Still..

Besides the obvious matches for Indigo/Mood Indigo, there are colors for just about any song. I’m not sure how you’d represent these, (hex code?) but some probably defy hues. Any you can think of?

One thought on “IDv3 tags, Moods, Colors”

  1. “IDv3 tags, Moods, Colors” – there is a program out there called MoodAmp that is supposed to do what you are talking about but I tried and was very disappointed. It had way too many bugs in it. Good idea, bad execution.

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