Maybe it’s because Tigger has been gone for nearly a year, or maybe it’s the big bag of chicken feed in the garage, but overnight I caught 10 mice. By catch, I mean they jumped in to the bin that the feed was in then couldn’t get out. And by 10, I mean 6 mice last night and 4 today.

Last night, I put all the mice in a 5 gallon bucket and walked them over to the schoolyard, figuring they’d either end up as owl prey, cat prey, or find a new home in the blackberry bushes. One got away, but I know where he’ll be next.

Today, when I put the mice into the bucket, I got distracted and tried to fix my dying bluetooth keyboard. While trying to get the hardware diagnostic DVD out of the box in the garage, I knocked over a ladder that knocked over the bucket. All 5 mice got a new lease on life. I’m fairly certain I’ll catch all 5, plus last night’s escapee overnight. They’d better get in the bucket before I decide to set kill traps.