Meet Millie


Millie is the newest member of our family. She was Michelle birthday gift to Ella, though she was also a gift for herself, and a gift from me to her. Complex, I know.

Millie is a tabby from the Oregon Humane Society that Ella picked out with our help. Millie is even the name that Ella picked, and we’re not actually sure where she got the name, but we all agreed that it is a good cat name. Ella wanted a pink cat, and since no such thing was available, we went with the most immediately affectionate kitten that was compatible with Barley, with the girls, and hopefully with the chickens. Well, we haven’t actually decided about the indoor/outdoor thing yet. Michelle and I agree that litter boxes are a nuisance, but worry about the likelihood of roadkill in this neighborhood.

So far Millie fits in well. It’s a little weird how similar she looks to the late Tigger Lee, but he was a handsome devil if nothing else. Let’s hope his voice was unique and not a characteristic of the breed.

Feline surprise

As of Friday night, I’d caught all but one of the escaped mice again. I moved them from the large bin in to a 5 gallon bucket and placed a screen and weight over it while I finished up evening chores and dinner. Then, I forgot about them. I planned for this possibility by leaving a handful of the corn scratch in the bottom of the bucket, so they were at least going to eat well.

When I went out to get the bucket in the morning, the lid had been disturbed and all 5 mice were gone. The bucket was still standing, so it seems that nature took its course. I suspect the gray cat that I keep shooing away found the bucket, and just as the mice who found the scratch in a bucket, couldn’t resist the easy meal.