One artist’s rendering

Let me start this post by saying that Sketch-Up is probably in my top 5 favorite applications right now, but I’m still a rather novice user. Despite my lack of experience with the tool, I’ve used it twice recently for real designs – both the chicken coop and now our basement. Our incomplete basement.

With the chicken coop, it was more about creating a rough design with relative dimensions and such – mostly about visualizing the product. This time, I spent much more time trying to include real dimensions and went through several drafts – each time boring Michelle a little more. Still, I think the visualization exercise was useful and I was actually able to take the dimensions and use them to fit pieces (stereo, speakers, tv) into the overall scheme. Here’s the latest rendering:

One artist\'s rendition

Now that we’re closing in on the end of the project, I’m really curious to see how accurate the rendering is. I already know of a few changes, but it seems to be fairly accurate still.

edit: Here’s a mock up of the cabinets that are on the east wall. I built them after prototyping them in sketchup with the dimensions of the sill and beam that they had to fit between. Then I was able to find out the size of the pieces needed so I could make sure I had enough plywood. Really, it’s a simple and powerful tool.

SketchUp mockups of the cabinets