While we were in Hawaii, Madeline took her first furtive scoots. She didn’t start crawling outright, but she could be motivated to move a certain distance by either rice puffs (she also started on chewable food) or people. We couldn’t call it crawling because she’d only take a maxiumum of two scoots before either rolling over and sitting up again, or lunging forward to the desired object.

Last night however, she broke the 3 scoot barrier and started moving in a way that we’re comfortable calling crawling. She moved towards me several times, then upon reaching me, used my pant legs, the side of the ottoman, or other tall object to pull herself up. She’s mobile.

We knew this was coming, so we’ve already put gates back up. I can remember how happy we were to take the gates down, so I’m a little disheartened to have them back up (at both the top and bottom of the stairs). It’s now a challenge to move between floors when carrying something or someone.

It’s both exciting and scary all over again.