Recent milestones

In the past week, the following milestones have been reached:

  • Ella asked “Are we there” in the car for the first time
  • Madeline found her voice – at 5am
  • Michelle turned 30
  • Ella asked “Are we there” for the 100th time
  • Madeline sucked on her thumb, in ernest
  • Michelle went to bed without taking out her contacts
  • Ella golfed for the first time
  • Madeline slept without a blanket
  • Michelle woke up and could read the alarm clock without glasses

One thought on “Recent milestones”

  1. What Michelle turned thirty? That’s what I get or not checking my google calendar. Well happy Belated Birthday Michelle and welcome to the 30+ club…it’s not bad like everyone claims it to be.

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