This has been a wild 2 years of election fervor. Tomorrow we’ll know (hopefully) what the next chapter for the United States may look like. Nothing is certain, and I’m cynical enough do have real doubts about the Democrats ability to accomplish anything, but I do honestly believe that tomorrow will shape America’s place in the next century.

It is not clear what station our country will hold in the future. We have moved from an ideological superpower to an agricultural and industrial superpower to a military and an idea superpower, and as the events of the last month have rippled through markets around the world, it has proven we’re a debt superpower.

I think tomorrow is important in this respect: Our example tomorrow will show the rest of the world our intentions as a nation. We will select one of two directions to move our nation. One choice will signal we want to remain the same. One choice will signal we’re ready for something different. In a world where our impact has been so huge, and the response to us has increasingly soured, we need to recalibrate. It is time to leave behind the jingoism and mental isolationism that has planted us like a stick in mud. We must lead in to the coming century, not jockey for relevance.

Tomorrow, we need to elect Barack Obama.

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