Missile-ing the point

The US and Poland have finally inked a deal for putting a missile defense site in Poland. Ms Rice, our secretary of state, claims that it will “help Nato, Poland and the US respond to “the threats of the 21st Century.”

Having not seen any missile based threats of the 21st century yet, I’m wondering if she actually meant the 20th century. It seems putting a pack of wild mustangs to roam freely in Poland would prove just as useful at preventing stateless actors from attacking modern states. I’m not sure how you fire an anti-missile missile at a letter containing anthrax, or a dirty bomb, or a shipment of rocket propelled grenades to Taliban fighters, or global warming, or bird flu, or the increasing dichotomy between wealthy and poor nations, or ethnic cleansing, or religious fundamentalism, or even blatant misuse of public funds. I suppose if the wild mustangs go rogue and start to fly, this plan would make sense. We’d want to make sure we could clean up after a disaster like flying rogue wild mustangs in Poland.

I suppose there were those 4 3 missiles test fired by Iran last month. If we really want to rekindle the cold war, perhaps we should just doctor the map.