Year 1, absurd project list

July marked our first year in our new home in North Portland. It’s been a blur in some ways, so I was looking back at all the household projects we’ve completed and I now see why. Since taking possession of the house, we’ve:

  • Installed new carpet upstairs (well, we didn’t)
  • Replaced gutters
  • Re-finished the guest room floors
  • Patched and painted the guest room
  • Replaced window in guest room
  • Remodeled the master bathroom
  • Planted a Trident maple tree (Tigger)
  • Replumbed using Wirsbo Pex
  • Survived radon mitigation
  • Patched the brick patio
  • Built a chicken coop
  • Installed gas insert in the fire place
  • Installed a new furnance
  • Painted over graffiti on garage and added light
  • Added a garage skylight (thanks for the friend discount, John)
  • Moved the gas line in to crawl space
  • Replaced dining room windows
  • Finished basement (well, 80% finished)
  • Planted a Rocky Mtn. Glow maple tree (Seven)

I’m a little shocked to see the list all at once. I also know it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our family who provided material, moral, and physical support at various times throughout the year. Now I’m hoping for a year off. We need to rewire the house and replace the roof at some point, but both are big and rather expensive. We’ve managed to do the above either with funds left over from selling our house, or on the cheap. I love DIY.

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