iShould’ve foreseen this

My iPhone is mostly upgraded but needs to connect to the iTunes store for some activation type transactions. Said store is down, so my phone thinks it hasn’t been activated. I figured that I’d wait until the weekend to install the upgrade so this sort of thing wouldn’t happen, but after buying super monkey ball, I couldn’t wait any longer. Now I can only laugh at my predicament.

I wonder what time that meeting is this morning. If I’m late, I’m sure they’ll understand. At least 3 of them have iPhones and might be in the same boat.

3 thoughts on “iShould’ve foreseen this”

  1. My boss has an i-phone and the screen stopped working the other day. So the only thing he could do was accept calls. I think the phones look kind of cool, but I just don’t need that type of hardware right now. Maybe when I am an important lawyer and have to live my life by a calendar it will be different (it’s a good thing I will never be an important lawyer).

  2. I know this is totally off topic… but I’ve decided that you should invent a non-alcoholic IPA… I think there’s a market for this kind of thing. :)

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