Seen: Cedar Waxwing

4 birds landed on the garage roof. They were dullish brown when I first looked from the computer screen to see them. When my eyes focused, I noticed bright yellow piping around their eyes. Cedar Waxwings! I don’t think I’ve seen any since living in Wyoming. I couldn’t get to a camera fast enough.

They are such classy birds, at least to look at. My neighbor says they have incredibly fast digestive systems and to never stand under them.

4 thoughts on “Seen: Cedar Waxwing”

  1. I live in East Tennessee and this year for the first time we had a nest of Cedar Waxwings, yesterdy one fell out of the nest and could not fly very well, so I got to hold it, I put in in my sun room and late in the day as it would chirp the mom and dad both came back looking for it, at last they were reunited, what an amazing beautiful bird species/

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