Strange Map situation

When Hilly, Michelle, Ella and I got home from dinner, there was a car parked akwardly in front of our house. Hilly, who inherited my mom’s insuppressible urge to help people checked to see if they were lost. They were, in fact, lost. Four Korean 20-somethings were headed from Federal Way to Manzanita. They were operating with a google map print out that was too focused (and indirect) to get them there. They had already missed the route to the coast, so we redirected them with a hand drawn map.

While I was helping the proficient english speaker, the others were letting Ella play with the steering wheel, and were so smitten they gave her a bag of sweet rice treats that were the Asian equivalent of kettle corn. I ended up giving them a crappy tear out map from the Thompson guide which I annotated for their trip, and we sent them on their way. They quickly returned to the front door for a picture with us for the memory. It was cute.

3 thoughts on “Strange Map situation”

  1. Did you report them to Homeland Security? They might be terrorists. Just a thought.

  2. Andy,

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Obviously, I work with your wife, and like her too!!! But you are a true Renaissance man – something I admire. My father can also draw, plan and build anything and I’m very jealous that I didn’t get that gene. My brothers did, and its not a gender thing, since Dad has helped me build things (i.e. made me ‘try’ to build them’) and even torn apart an engine with me to try to implant on my grey matter how an engine works. Alas! It goes around and around and then down.

    I console myself that after a doctorate degree and 25 years practicing law, it has rendered me useless for anything else.

    I want chickens. Not sure that I can do that, since Lili (even without chickens) has chewed her way through two by fours and plank fencing. But if I DO do it, I will hire you, Andy Freed, to build my coop (your mission, assuming you’d be willing to accept it!).

    I love your photos of Ella! Oh, and Barley!

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