Spring Break!

Michelle, Barley, Ella and I recently spent the week in Port Orford, Oregon. It was a delightful escape from work and life, and a great change to spend time with my family. We stayed in a house on the head that sticks out into the Pacific Ocean, giving Port Orford a unique claim of being one of the few ports on the ocean itself.

The house was great and offered fantastic views of the beach, Cape Blanco and its lighthouse, Garrison Lake and the coastal range from one side, and a great view of the ocean to the other. With 3 stories and 4 decks, there was always a great place to sit. We had alternating hail and sun, so we had plenty of time to read and watch movies as well as time to explore the state park surrounding us and visit the beach. Barley got plenty of swimming in (including with a harbor seal at the mouth of the Rogue River), and Ella got to freeze her feet in the Pacific.

The trip was incredibly pleasant and therapeutic. We ate well and had a blast cooking because the kitchen was so nice. There were deer in the yard almost every time you looked out a window. Grey Whales were migrating off the coast so we could see them raise a lazy tail and spout from the deck. Plenty of birds – including several new species for me, like the Rufous hummingbird and tufted puffins. I finally saw my first newt as well.

Sadly, even when doing nothing, time passes quickly. Ella was ill the last couple days we were there but was incredibly sweet and cuddly because of it. We got home Sunday night and are now back to the grind. Here’s some pictures.

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