Plumbing, Day Two

Yes, the water is on, and all is well. We have water, both hot and cold, to all fixtures except in the guest bathroom. That the new year’s day project. Installation went quickly, and we only needed two trips to the store today, and one was merely a miscommunication issue. I’ll write more later, but I’m tired.


Ok, better rested now, but most of my body is tired. We have hot water this morning, though it starts out a little rusty. I think I shouldn’t have let the hot water line drain back into the heater when shutting of the system. One example of the half-dozen lessons I learned from this project. No major flaws (yet) but several “next time” lessons. I only had to sweat 6 joints since we were able to tie in to the 2nd story bathroom’s newer copper plumbing, though one of the joints was particularly difficult and resulted in me bouncing hot solder off my hand and steaming my wrist. Nothing bad, but it really reinforced how easy working with Wirsbo is. I wish there was more to do. I suppose there is – I still have the guest bathroom.

Oh, and there are some pictures.