One down

Ella’s Birthday CakeElla officially turned one year old at the beaver den exhibit at the Oregon Zoo today. It was probably pretty obvious that something was up since she had two parents in tow who alternated between tears, smiles, and picture taking. The zoo was of some interest to Ella; she saw a number of the animals, and seemed the most interested by the fish, otters, and other marine exhibits, though the chocolate ice cream was just as engaging. She’s still too young to understand that she is part ape, so I think her interest wasn’t as keen as it will be in coming years.

Michelle and I took a mulligan Sunday and hung out with the girl on her first. We reminisced about the changes we’ve seen, chased after her as she tottered off towards the dog food, and tried to get her to walk in a pair of semi-soft shoes. The whole day was wonderful, and the girl in a diaper with sassy pink shoes taking Frankenstein steps is both completely recognizable and different from the tiny creature that joined us last year.

I’ll admit, I don’t think babies are much fun. But each day that passes brings another way to interact with this little person who used to sleep everywhere we’d go. Now she’s mobile, starting to sign her displeasure with some foods, and paying Barley his dividend for all his patience.

Barley could not, however, help clean up the chocolate cupcake that Ella destroyed in celebration.