Big day at the vet

Barley rests upYesterday Barley had a mast cell tumor removed from his right ear. The procedure required that he be anesthetized, so he also got his teeth clean and nails trimmed. He’s still a bit groggy this morning, but last night he was a big, helpless dope. The vet did a nice job of removing the tumor without leaving a permanent hole in his ear (on of his cutest and softest parts), but we’ll have to wait to see how it heals.

Tigger also received some news. He’s in renal failure and has hyperthyroid. I made some comment about testing positive for evil, but it turns out they don’t screen for that unless you request it. Bets are now on as to how long he’ll last, but we’re pretty sure he’s been in this state of shutdown for roughly 2 years, so in maybe another 2 he’ll be hittin’ the ol’ dusty trail.

One thought on “Big day at the vet”

  1. Turns out it was a fibroma, not a mast cell tumor. In English, that means the surgery was unnecessary. In cynic, that means $600 that could have been spent on something… I dunno… useful. Or fun. Or not spent at all.

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