Shoeing with Fog

I caught up with my fellow Foggers this weekend near Mt. Hood for some snowshoeing and charades. It’s only the third time I’ve been out on modern snow shoes, and I must admit that I quite like them. I can’t remember the trail’s name, nor the lake we shoed to, but we were on the PCT for the majority of the trek. The only drawbacks I see to shoeing are when you have a nice level stretch you could glide on with skis, and of course, going downhill.

The weather was just about perfect and we even got a nice glimpse of the mountain afterwards.

Mt. Hood near sunset

6 thoughts on “Shoeing with Fog”

  1. Actually, the view was from Hwy 26 on the way back. It didn’t clear up until we were at the end of the trip. Let’s try a different place this weekend. Variety is the spice, yo.

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