…sigh… nice weather lament

It’s days like this I hate going to work. Walking Barley this morning was a delight because the sky was absolutely cloudless and the sun rising was framed with perfect dawn colors and silhouettes of trees and rooftops. The bus ride to work allowed me to enjoy the brightness of the city in early morning. Wisps of steam of the power plants on top of buildings, the shiny red of alder branches in the hills, and the clean white of the volcano to the east. Even my walk to the first meeting of the morning was pleasant; dry grasses with glowing yellow in the sun, frost on moss between bricks and the strange glacial blue of melt-off crystals on the ice spots were all too photographic for the morning to be spent looking at a screen.

It’s also days like this I’m glad I’m not homeless. My fingers ached after walking Barley and scraping two sets of windshields. Feeling the cold in your bones is nice when you know you can get out of it.

2 thoughts on “…sigh… nice weather lament”

  1. The cold brings out much beauty in our surroundings.
    Why did you scrape two sets out windshields if you were going to take the bus to work?
    Is Yoda giving you shit?

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