We can rebuild him

I was working in the faculty lab when and overheard someone laboring to complete “we can fix him? repair him?” I was starting to get annoyed, so I corrected her: “We can rebuild him; We have the technology.”

I was right, of course, but the other faculty were kind of shocked that I  knew the phrase, considering my age. I admitted that was too young, and grew up without cable, but I’ve made up for lost time thanks to the Family Guy. They had no idea what I was talking about. Needless to say, they were kind of creeped out. I was younger than most of their kids.

Most of my friends have an uncanny ability to remember small snippets of TV show dialog. Hopefully all of the worlds problems can be solved with quotes from the Simpsons.

5 thoughts on “We can rebuild him”

  1. I get most of my cultural references from Simpsons and Family Guy. Actually, we were talking about this very subject the other day. I have a friends who’s husband is making her watch Star Wars for the very first time this weekend. She’s never seen any of them. So she started at Episode 1 and was moving through six (first off I have to say that it would be strange to watch I-VI in order for your very first viewing. I wonder how that would be. Have you given thought to how you are going to introduce Ella to the movies?). But the logistics aside, to have never watched Star Wars I think you would be missing out on massive pop culture references. Half of the Simpsons jokes would make no sense whatsoever.

  2. wince

    Stop that! Now you’re making me feel old. I was a die-hard fan of Steve Austin’s when I was a kid and it was still on network TV …

  3. How can you be our age and never seen Star Wars? I say have Ella watch episode 4 through 6 first and then work your way back…just like we were introduced to them.

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