Modernism (sniff)

I can’t say I like how modernism has affected the buildings around us, but I have a hunch about how so many featureless glass skyscrapers were built. Bear with me on this one, it’s a bit far fetched.

The year was 1980. Wealthy developers and bankers got together to build a new monument to their awesomeness. Several plans were reviewed until the consortium of young turks agreed on a plan. They couldn’t get behind most of the more conventional designs, but all agreed that this was a building you could really snort coke off of.

Big Pink is quite ugly, but I’m impressed by the siting of it. Residents and travelers can easily see it from way out on several major arterials that point straight at it. If you’re going to build something so big, make sure people have to look at it.

3 thoughts on “Modernism (sniff)”

  1. I’m kind of a fan of Big Pink, but I think it’s the name more than the building. If I strained I could see it out of a window at my old house.

  2. Fudge yeah! Build it big and make people look at your building… that’s awesome. I WILL have a moat and draw-bridge on my land someday.

    I see that there is a big parking garage. At least you gotta like that. Frick’n Seattle has all those towers with no parking… man that sucks.

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