5 coats

Michelle and I painted the highlight wall in the living room this weekend a total of 5 times. The first choice of color turned out much brighter and lamer than we’d hoped and after trying to ignore our hatred of it for 24 hours, we couldn’t take it. I think my brain just shut down largely due to the orange. The orange (roughly #FF4500) was too institutional and I felt like I was in the gymnasium back at Glenn Livingston Elementary.

Between colors we went to see Storm & the Balls at Produce Row Cafe, which was freakin’ awesome. Curtis had been talking them up for nearly a year and we finally caught them at what he described as a slightly subdued version of their show. Still, it was freaking hot. (that was meant as a double entendre… )

Still, we had to return to that damn orange. I even went for a run with Michelle to get away from it. So we picked another color ( Hunting coat red ) that turned out to be the lamest gallon of paint either of us has ever worked with. It was thin, runny, and it took three freakin’ coats (we’ll see if 3 is actually enough in the morning) and looks more like plum-burgundy than hunter coat, but it looks nice so far. And I got a new Purdy 2.5″ brush out of the deal.

Oh, and we got the stucco fixed and the foundation parge coated. We paid someone else to do it, which turns out to be worth it because, well, it got done. And it looks good. And it’s done well. And Michelle still loves me.

4 thoughts on “5 coats”

  1. Paid someone else to do it! You are less of a man in my eyes. (says the man still living in an apartment).

  2. what’s a parge?

    and we have 3-4 guys and it’s been since the beginning of october and they’re not done.

    kathleen still loves me, but the drawn out paint project isn’t helping.

  3. You scored big time. Purdy makes the best brushes, hands down. When I first started, I used to get the Sherwin Williams “Wave” brushes. Their top o’ the line. Naturally, their salseman said that they’re the uber in technology and are the best and blah blah. And then came the day that I was in Anacortes and we ran out of brushes, so I just had to run to the local Ace and pick up a replacement. They had Purdy, thankfully. SO much better.

    As far as paint colors go, check out the Arrested Development model home. Every room is a different color and it all looks good.

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