Measure 37 Overturned … for now

We just caught the mid-commercial news blurb from a show Tivo recorded yesterday about a judge overturning Measure 37. I did an early morning-before the voice works woohoo that cracked all over the place, but it was an honest woohoo.

I fully understand why people wanted the measure, but I think what makes Oregon unique and so much more interesting than, say, Camas, is that we are trying our best to maintain some semblance of a plan. This is far from over but I hope we take this tack from now on.

2 thoughts on “Measure 37 Overturned … for now”

  1. I’m confused why this is a good thing. Wouldn’t something like Measure 37 prevent what happened to people in King County? The population that invested all their money in land; planning on developing it later or selling it when the land is in higher demand. Ron Simms then rezoned the land which caused these people to be stuck with huge plots of land they can only put one single family structure up.

  2. I’m not sure what happened in King County, but I am certain of two things:

    1) Real Estate is no more of a guaranteed investment than any other investment.

    2) Ron Simms didn’t single-handedly rezone the land. There was a planning committee, public comment period and probably some legitimate reason (public good, etc) for these changes.

    Measure 37 isn’t by itself completely bad. But so many of the claims and responses, allowances and such are from people who are really trying to get the most of of the land without consideration for their neighbors or for the functioning of the utilities (storm water – ask Stephanie for details) and just plain overcrowding.

    It’s kind of funny because the family in Arrested Development is doing just that – remember the sand castle episode? He was trying to overcrowd the lots? What happens when you bury your cell phone?

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