Bike Commute Tally

So I was only able to muster 6 bike commutes for September – a rather poor showing compared to last year where I rode 14 days. Why the difference? Last year the commute was 2.5 miles, this year it’s 12.5. Last year I only had to do my job, this year I’m doing what feels like twice as much. I do feel kind of bad, but the totals I think speak nicely. Last year: 70 miles, this year: 144 miles.

Also, with today’s ride, I’m now at 40 rides with only 10 left for my goal of 50. That’s encouraging. With Jake, I’ve shortened the ride to 50 minutes and found a couple short cuts. Barbur Blvd, though ugly, noisy and dirty shaves off ten or more minutes when compared to Terwilliger, and on the ride home, the view of Hood and St. Helens is a treat.

2 thoughts on “Bike Commute Tally”

  1. Hey GrandMasterScabies,

    Did you see that it takes 4-6 weeks for the infection to occur in someone who hasn’t had it before — so I question the red vest theory unless she was working this summer.

    Anyway, I rode 4 times, which I’d say is pretty good out of the 8 days I worked in September. I think it was about 48 miles total since I cheat with TriMet.

  2. Do you only get to count the bike rides to/from work? I didn’t count, but I ride to work everyday. It’s only a mile each way though, so that would give me about 45 miles. If only I worked further away…

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