4 thoughts on “Another post about politics killing science”

  1. Bastardization of science? I think Bush is just lettings us see alternate viewpoints of the world, like Intelligent Design. I am making the push to ensure that schools also begin teaching the flat world theory, because a round world theory is much to complicated.

  2. Off the subject, but DreamHost got back to me. Sounds like a go. They can do everything I want. We need to design our own page, but installing phpbb and blogging can be done easily with a one click install.

    I would have already signed up, but don’t want to be the idiot that picked the wrong domain name because I thought it was funny at the time. So if you’re on icq today and run across anyone who would care, let’s come to a domain name concensus and get this ball rolling. I’m thinking the main users are going to by you, myself, Matt, and maybe Troy, so at least us four have got to agree.

  3. Loved the article. Although it mentioned it in the article, I would like to underscore the point although GW represents the head of the snake against science, it is still a big snake, long before he arrived. That is why I want to be a science teacher so bad. I can’t stand the thought of a future in the US where children are taught shitty science.
    Also, I think you guys (“aristechnocrats” as I shall call you now) are limiting your main USER circle. I don’t know if you noticed, but I had troy post some pictures for me on rejects…that’s right!

  4. hey I am all for a new sight for hosting pics, movies, and stuff but I think you are still going to have to keep the whole rejects thing for blogging/posting with the creachers of habit…if you know what I meen!

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