Buried Treasure

Jumpin' Jeep
Yesterday I cleaned out the crawl space under the house. The previous owner had left a pile of miscellaneous wood (termite fodder) and a structural guy would need to have access to the SE corner to patch some erosion. Our original home inspector mentioned the wood as well as an abundance of broken glass under the vapor barrier. Call me a sucker for personal safety, but I figured I should remove some of the glass to make movement in the already cramped and spiderwebby basement a little less mortally wounding.

Sure enough, like many old houses, the crawl space had been used as a trash heap. The contents included a lot of glass ( light bulbs, bottles, windows, etc) and a few metallic items. The coolest finds:

  1. an unbroken Lucky Lager bottle with a Best By date of June 24th of 1953
  2. a G&W two star blended whiskey bottle
  3. a Jumpin’ Jeep windup toy (pictured above)
  4. a wooden jeep

I’m sure there’s more glass down there, but I did as much as I could find easily. There’s a large earthen mound which I assume is the bulk of the heap, but I’m afraid to disturb it. It could also be a grave. That would put a damper on the new house thing because you don’t know if it means the place is haunted, or if you do dig it up whether or not that will cause the haunting to start. Ah – the challenges of home ownership.

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