Bush’s iPod

The BBC is a great source for news. It’s also a great source for the kind of pop news that Britons like. Take for example Bush’s iPod reveals music tastes. Not only is the story completely not news worthy, its entirely fascinating. But what’s best is the excellent list of suggestions that readers have left at the end of the story.

On a completely unrelated note; after filling up the tank today and getting a $40 charge, I turned on the stereo to Audioslave’s Chris Cornell wailing “Burnin’ that gasoline.” Touché Chris, Touché.

One thought on “Bush’s iPod”

  1. I’m sorry, but W did not pick those songs out himself. I seriously doubt he knows who Modest Mouse is, let alone able to identify them by name. No, I just can’t believe that, not by any stretch of my imagination. No. How could he possibly be even periferally aware of indie/pop music? NO! It’s not possible. At least that’s what I tell myself to get myself through each day.

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