Shorts to work

I wore shorts to work today. Well, not at work, but on my ride to work. You see, though it is February, the weather has been really nice all month. So nice that I’ve decided that whatever resulting issues we have this summer are worth it. I feel safe saying that now, but I’ll probably regret it.

I’ve also managed to ride to work all but 3 days this month. That still only puts me in second place on our BTA Bike Commuter Challenge page, but in all fairness, the guy in 3rd place rides 25 miles a day to my 5. I’ll concede second place to him. Plus, he’s on a recumbent, so he has to look silly for those 25 miles.

I did manage to ride a total of somewhere over 15 miles yesterday. From home to PCC, PCC to Swagats on NE 21st, Swagats to PSU, PSU to Hawthorne Bridgeport. I learned two things from this ride:

  • Don’t ride on a belly full of curry
  • Bike Commuting on the east side is so much more interesting, and less hilly.

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