First Dogwash of the year

Drying the dog
After a brilliant morning walk that ended with coffee and a cinnamon roll, Michelle and I decided to give Barley the first outdoors bath of the year. Its unbelievably nice out lately and dogface was seriously ready for a bath. (no, its not his first bath of the year, just the first outside)

In order to make it fun, we got out his kiddy pool and used the sprayer to taunt him around the yard. He’s a bit of a freak when he gets wet. And its further evidence that he might be part greyhound if you ignore the horrid joint issues.

Finally the fun came to an end and we had to dry the dog off. Its easily everyone’s least favorite part of the job. Barley loathes getting toweled, and used to growl before finally submitting to fate. Besides a load of water, a mess of hair came off with the drying. Despite all the hair we left outside, there will probably be small colonies of it on the floor again by tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s a shot of poor Barley getting toweled off on the deck.

3 thoughts on “First Dogwash of the year”

  1. My parents have a little Jack Russel – Dachsund mutt who loves swimming in the pool but hates being “officially” bathed. When she is finally released from the shower after being dried off, she frantically sprints a few laps around the house. Not sure what her motivation for that is, but perhaps something similar to what Barley is doing!

    Anyway, Kristen and I REALLY want a dog, but we told ourselves we wouldn’t take that step until we settle down a little more… whenever that will be!

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