Hail to the…

Michelle has a fancy coffee mug with the gilded (not really) logo of the United States Supreme Court on it. She doesn’t use it often, and I usually give it to her on special occasions like passing the bar, or her first race. But it’s such a fancy mug that it needs a processional, and hail to the chief, while seeming appropriate, just isn’t. The two very different branches are separate. Hopefully.

However, I’m not aware of a Supreme Court Anthem, so the first theme that came to mind was the Scorpions’ Rock me like a Hurricane. I have a nasty habit of waking up with bad songs stuck in my head. While it doesn’t necessarily seem like a perfect fit at first, it kind of grows into the part. Think of the justices filling to the room to it. Powerful.

Still… it doesn’t seem quite right. There must be something better. But I can’t quite shake the image of them filing into the court with it playing. Justice Scalia with both hands raised, rockin’ the session to a start.

3 thoughts on “Hail to the…”

  1. I have more of the Imperial Death March thing in my head. Hell, throw a transister on their chests and give them fatty helmets and they are all Darth Vader, or Darth Bader Ginsburg as the case may be.

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